how do you downsize?

how do you choose?

what to get rid of, what to loose?

my granddaughter’s helping, holds up a book

keep or donate

be the judge

Things are  just things

with no real value

except for the sentimental and sweet remembering

a sweater mom knitted, for my first born

a treasure to me as my mother’s long gone

long pauses, reminiscing

Get it together, come on now

Don’t want my children to deal with  it all

where will I put it?

what will be missed?

It’s just a new phase, I’m being told

life goes onward just as bold

I’m keeping all that is dear to me

those relationships and love

are the items I need


9 thoughts on “Downsizing

  1. so much of what we have is embedded with memories and connections to who we are and how we got here. No wonder it is such a struggle to abandon them – it’s like stripping a bit of ourselves as we do it.

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  2. I admire your efforts to purge. We keep saying we’ll do it, but it’s hard to actualize those intentions. Your poem helps to “reframe” the experience. Thanks for the perspective, so well written.

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  3. Downsizing is hard work. I’ve done it with my wardrobe several times in the past five years (mainly because things no longer fit). It is always hard because the things we have also have memories attached to them.

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