Steve and I Florida, Christmas 2015

Together you and I

But what shall I call you?

If I say boyfriend, I sound like I’m 16 years old again.

Significant other, that sounds so formal and frankly, it’s hard to spit out.

I want to say soul mate, but that one got me some funny and interesting looks.

Often I just nod and agree when people comment about you and refer to you as my “husband”.  Uh huh.. I just nod and you nudge me when I don’t correct them.

Partner doesn’t work, it sounds too much like buddy, pal or partner in crime.

And lover, well that’s too much information and makes me feel scandalous.

How about sharer of all things joyful  or… supporter, cheerleader and counselor

We’re together, you and I.

We talked of marriage at one point, but both of us had been there once before and knew that marriage is no guarantee of anything.

There are so many things I could call you and so I’m sorry that I can’t pick just one.



6 thoughts on “Together

  1. What’s in a name? Sometimes, not much, as you so beautifully point out. In my opinion, what’s in a heart is far more important. Enjoy the wonderful man in your life!


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