Spring Break … last year

Moab, Utah   March 2015

In my new school district, we only had good Friday and Monday off for our spring break.

But last year… well….

Last year at this time, I went on a  week long canoe trip on the Green River with my partner in crime and his siblings. I was worried and I was scared.  You see I like my comforts and I like having access to running water.

You will have to haul in a week’s worth of food they said and then… there’s Groover.

“Who’s Groover?” I ask tentatively. That’s the portable outhouse that we haul in and haul out with us.  Ugh.. “I don’t think I can do this,” I say.

It’ll be the best trip of your life says Steve.  And.  It was.

I would go again tomorrow to see the cliff filled with blue herons, leaning forward and looking as if any moment they would dive beak first to get that slippery fish.


Or camping on the rocks, eating tortillas with almond butter and fruit bars. (so we didn’t have to haul in glass jelly jars)


One of Steve’s brothers brought his guitar and each night we sang by the campfire.  They talked about their concerns about their parents who were now into their late 80’s.  How will they divide up the responsibilities and also keep them from driving!  They shared fun stories that happened to them as children, each bringing their own perspective.

They grew up in Raleigh during the 60’s at the beginning of desegregation. Each sibling viewed it differently.  They talked, laughed and enjoyed their company as adults with shared family memories.  I listened. Intrigued.  I learned so much on that trip about nature and nurture.


4 thoughts on “Spring Break … last year

  1. I’m jealous!! What a beautiful slice – I love how you are ready to go back when you were scared of going. Good for you for stepping out and having an experience to always remember!


  2. That looks and sounds like it was a wonderful trip. (Thanks for taking us along by sharing your photos.)

    I don’t understand why districts don’t give a full week off at this time of year. It’s good for the kids and the teachers to have time off right about now. A four-day weekend doesn’t cut it.


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