Company’s Coming

I found out yesterday that my dear, dear friend and her husband will be here to visit us today.  I’m so excited, because they haven’t seen my new place. Yet, looking around the house, I start to panic.  I have been gone all weekend, left Thursday right after school knowing that I could deal with the disarray when I get back, I didn’t worry about it. But now looking around the house as if I were seeing it for the first time, I see papers from my unfinished taxes scattered on the dining room table waiting patiently for me to finish them.  Grocery adds and coupons on the coffee table reminding me of the next big deal.  A coat that made it close to the closet but didn’t… quite…. get…. on the hanger in the closet yet.  Dishes? ahhh.. good the dishes are in the dishwasher and the counter looks pretty good.

What should we do?  There’s the river walk, some petroglyphs near by and a wonderful drive to see the wild horses.  BBQ or go out to eat?  So much to think about.

Checking my watch right now, I better get too it.  I know they are coming to see us and not to judge my housekeeping or to have some big adventure. But I feel better when things are in order.  I’m excited, can’t wait to see them.  Enjoy your day everyone!

Slice of Life
#Sol16 Day 28

7 thoughts on “Company’s Coming

  1. I totally get it when you say you were looking at your place like it was the first time seeing it! When you know someone is coming over suddenly what you are used to doesn’t seem quite right. I hope you had a blast with everyone!!


  2. So happy that you are going to spend time with a very dear friend today. You know, they will not even notice what is out of place because all they care about is you.! Just make piles.
    Lucky you to live near petroglyphs…and have fun!


  3. Good luck! I always feel pressure to clean when company’s on the way. You are right, though, they aren’t coming to judge your housekeeping. Still, I feel the pressure for you!!!


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