Quotes from Easter Day

Said because the ground is covered with snow.  “We didn’t dye Easter Eggs today because it as easier to hide them white.”

Said while watching the dog standing on the outdoor table.  “Duke is table surfing.”

Said at brunch. “The dog stole my napkin off my lap!”  “Where’d you get this sausage?” “OH those cheesecake easter eggs are so delicious.”

Said while sitting around after Easter Brunch after grandma and grandpa leave. “Remind me to call them in 30 minutes to make sure they are home safe.”

The soft murmurings of conversations.  “How’s Rachel doing?”  “Let me show you some pictures on of the grandkids and the dog my phone.”  “Is everyone coming to the wedding in August?”  “Your baby is so cute.  Is he always so good?”

Driving home and thinking of the good food, company and conversations.  Sigh.

Slice of Life
#SOL16 Day 27




3 thoughts on “Quotes from Easter Day

  1. The way you gave an account on conversations makes me feel like I was there with you today. Each one holds a specific feeling on the ups and downs of spending time with family, but ultimately having to leave. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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