Share your Nuts

Wisconsin, Summer 2015

As teachers, why do we complain so much? Instead of complaining, judging and competing, why don’t we mentor, suggest and support.

That new teacher down the hall doesn’t know what she’s doing.  Why doesn’t that team use that program “correctly?”  Did you see how short her skirt is?  That principal is trying to micro manage me.

It makes me tired and it takes my focus off the children.

I had a wise principal tell me something and it has stuck with me.  In fact he has shared quite a few nuggets that I think back on time and time again. I went to him with a concern that another team teacher and I were so different and I was struggling with making it mesh. His words to me were simple.  “I’m all about sharing knowledge.”  Both of you share what you know about your strategies and why you do it that way.  Then try again to work it out. Simple, yet profound.  I tried this and low and behold learned from this other teacher… and.. it worked.  We both grew, communicated and compromised.

So often we judge and complain and whisper about how that other teacher does it “wrong.”  We try to get others on “our” side to validate that we’re doing it “right.”

This is just one of the many reasons why I keep coming back to this slicing community.  We share knowledge, communicate and don’t judge.  We lift each other up and support each other which…. in turn…. supports the beautiful souls that we teach.

Slice of Life
#SOL 16 Day 26  Thank you!!



8 thoughts on “Share your Nuts

  1. Wow, your slice couldn’t have been more perfectly timed! We are going through a sort of forced power switch at school, at least that is what it seems people are letting our problem become. The whole taking sides and appearing or not appearing to be on one side or another, the dislike and distrust for “new” (people, methods, ideas). Sometimes I feel like if only everyone would view what we do through the lens of the teachers we are, what would we suggest our students do? Thank you for posting, it helps to know one is not alone in this strange world.


    1. Thanks for commenting… and letting me know that I’m not alone either! I don’t understand why…when we’re new to a building or district that we have to somehow earn trust and prove competency.


  2. Our school has 4 new teachers this year. One individual, not our teaching staff, but based in our building has been so critical of one new teacher. It is so difficult to see. I think I need to stand beside him…I’m so glad you addressed this today. Thanks You!!


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