Trouble Sleeping

The house is quiet and I roll over to look at my phone.  Midnight.  Ugh.  I get up and get a drink and grab a book Mr.Lemoncello’s Library to try to distract my thoughts.  Some nights are just like this when I seem to find everything and anything to worry about and always in the middle of the night when nothing can really be done about it.

Write it down. I think that will help me let it go for a bit and then I know that I won’t forget about it when I need to get up and my mind is groggy from lack of sleep.

Go back to bed and think about something relaxing I tell myself.  How about sailboats,  ocean waves or black holes. Toss and Turn.  I listen to NPR, but then I become interested in This American Life and don’t sleep, but it does distract me from worrying for a bit.

Look at the phone.  What?  4:11 a.m. Crap.  Sleep Sleep Sleep you only have a couple hours.

Shhhhhh finally ZzzzzZZzz.

Riiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg     Time to wake up.

Slice of Life
#Sol Day 25

9 thoughts on “Trouble Sleeping

  1. I have more nights like this the past couple of years. I never think it helps to look at my phone. But sometimes, I know I will just be up for 1-1/2 hours and I find things to do. Hope your worry subsides.

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  2. This has happened to me a LOT over the past year. I’ve started taking melatonin at night and it’s helped a TON. I’ve also tried to get some more exercise in and I’m finding that helps as well. Good luck!


  3. This happens to me too often. Drives me crazy. When I mentioned it to my doctor, she was very sympathetic but replied, ‘Age.’ Great. But she also tipped me to melatonin–which might be something to look into.

    And the alarm always seems to ring right when I get to sleep!


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