Shoveled off the pond at my daughters house

Spring here in Wyoming?  But we  just got 8 inches of new snow.  It’s spring break and we’re supposed to be driving to Denver, and now they got 10 inches of snow!

I needed this picture to remind me of the fun that I’ve had in the snow with my family.  That’s me in that brown down coat.

Swish, swish, giggles and shouts “Grandma Nessi come and watch me, come and watch me right now!”

Chatter, handholding, ” So show me how you skate.”

Falling, skidding and twirling around at a fast rate,

The clicking of pictures, capturing both tears and laughter as they fall

Yes.. that was fun, but I want Spring now!

Slice of Life
#Sol 16 Day 24

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