When I’m Calm….

When I’m calm... I notice more

my feelings are more open to others

it’s less about defending my own position and more about the team

it opens that space in my mind and body of awareness and understanding

When I’m calm…..the people around me are more calm

I see the faces of my students soften as they know they’re able to approach me without judgement and they seem to absorb more…. relaxed is better… so much better

When I’m calm…. I feel better

my mind isn’t racing and worrying and my body doesn’t hurt

my shoulders and neck feel loose as a goose

I smile

I need to find what gives me this calm because it’s good for me and everyone around me

Panama 2014
Slice of Life
#SOL 16 Day 23

11 thoughts on “When I’m Calm….

  1. This Slice perfectly describes me. I am not a calm person by nature. I wish I was. When I AM calm, I am all of the things you just described. Your lingering question at the end is also mine. What makes me calm?

    This really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing it here.


  2. Thank you for this Slice. It was exactly what I needed to read today. I am reminded that when I am calm, I feel more accomplished when the tough stuff comes up.


  3. I am also having a stressful week. I keep reminding myself it’s not me, it’s them, when people approach me poorly, but that doesn’t mean I am compassionate. Staying calm feels like a full-time job during the 3rd quarter slump.


  4. I love the repetition of when I am calm. I also love this line: “my feelings are more open to others…”. I agree. I am going to copy and paste that line in my journal (and credit you of course). They are words to live by. Thank you!


  5. I love the form this slice took….When I am calm….it really makes me think. I also think the last line is very powerful…’I need to find what gives me this calm because it’s good for me and everyone around me’. Thanks for sharing!

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