Inspired by “A Pet Retrospective” by litcoachdanak

Foxy was the dog by which all other animals are compared and by which all other animals must…… but will never be able to…… live up to his reputation of strength, kindness, intelligence and loyalty.

Perhaps because I was so young when we had Foxy, he remains frozen as perfect in every way.  He was a male collie, not the smooth collie or the border collie.  He was a real collie, like Lassie, with a huge, white mane of a collar.  His snout was long and thin, as were his legs and his eyes were so soulful and smart.

As a child, I remember talking to him, hugging his neck.  He would sit patiently, watch me and take in everything I said without judgement.  He just listened.  Then when I finished, he would walk to the front door and lay there where he could catch the cool air that came in under the door frame.  We never needed one of those draft stoppers like I have now.

He had the herding instinct.  When my sister, brother and I would be playing in the yard, he would try to keep us together in a pack and he never, never let my young brother near the street.  If we got a scrap or cut, he would lick it for us and whimper softly.  In my idealistic mind, he was my hero.

Slice of Life
#Sol16 Day22

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