Worst and Best

When my four daughters were young and in elementary school, we had a tradition of going around the dinner table and telling about the best and worst part of their day, always starting with the worst and ending on the best.  I love this tradition even though the girls weren’t always crazy about rehashing their day.  I loved the opportunity to help them problem solve and get perspective on the bad things and celebrate the good things.

Worst thing:  

“My PE teacher told me to grow up and it hurt my feelings.  Then he told my friend that she didn’t jumprope right.”

“I had to sit by a boy that smelled bad today.”

“I can’t think of anything!”

“They had icky spaghetti for lunch today.”

Best thing:

“I got a 100 on my spelling test!”

“I got invited to a birthday party.”

“I can’t think of anything!”

“We had chocolate cake for desert.”

My best thing:  “Having dinner with you girls and hearing about your day.”

I miss those dinners. But, I love our phone calls and visits now that they’re older.  I still hear about the best things that are going on in their lives and the worst things.  They still call me to help put things into perspective. And no one ever says “I can’t think of anything!” anymore.

Slice of Life
#SOL16 Day 21


8 thoughts on “Worst and Best

  1. I love this tradition and wish I’d had it when my children were younger. Perhaps I’ll start it with my husband now that we’re empty nesters…I just asked him and his response: The worst part of his day was waking up with a stiff neck and a headache. The best part was coming home to me a delicious home-cooked meal. I reminded him that the latter had NOT happened. “Oh”, he said, “Then I guess it was driving to work in the snow. Beautiful!” A new tradition is born…Thanks!


  2. I love this tradition! And I love that you wrote about it! I can’t wait until the day that I can do this same thing with my future children. You could probably write a million slices with some of the things you and your daughters talked about. Thanks for sharing!


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