Nancy Drew



It’s all her fault you know.  Nancy Drew is the one that got me hooked on reading mysteries.

Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, we lived within walking distance of the public library and the local movie theatre.  Let’s just say that I spent a lot of time in both places.  The movie theatre would run just one movie and the matinees just cost $1.00.  My friends and I especially loved when the Elvis Presley movies were playing and my all time favorite movie growing up was “Oliver.”  I’m not sure exactly how many times I saw that movie, but it was a LOT.

But I digress…… for as much time as I spent at the movie theatre, I spent 10 times that at the library. It was a place to escape to that was even more powerful than the fantasy at the movie theatre. Powerful, yet peaceful and calm.

I remember when I read my first Nancy Drew book, “The Secret of the Old Clock.”  I admired her. She was so brave and smart and could figure out problems on her own. I was intrigued and loved trying to solve the puzzle before Nancy did.

I was hooked.

When laying on the couch with one of her books, it would be hard to get my attention.   I even have a picture that my mom took of me laying in that prone position with my nose buried in a book.  I imagine it was pretty frustrating for my mom because it seemed that if  I was reading Nancy Drew, my chores, homework and even playing outside all slipped out of my mind as I read and read and read.

I remember making a goal to read every one of her books.  Much to my mother’s chagrin, I did it!  After her books, I began to make other challenges for myself.  We had a collie growing up and I loved collie’s so began reading Albert Payson Terhune, who wrote “Lad, a Dog” and many other great books.

However, my first love is still a good mystery book.  And it’s all your fault Nancy Drew.

Thank you!

Slice of Life
#SOL16  Day 19



14 thoughts on “Nancy Drew

  1. Love your letter to Nancy Drew. Makes me think I should try this format, but I’m not sure who hooked me on reading. Love the words you use to describe the library – “Powerful, yet peaceful and calm.” Definitely one of my happy places both past and present.

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  2. Our early reading experiences have such an impact on us. I love your repeated line: It’s all your fault, Nancy Drew. I also was excited to see you call out The Secret of the Old Clock. I just re-read it last month because it had been so many years, and I wanted a glimpse into my young-girl self, enamored by Nancy Drew and reading. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I. Loved. Nancy. Drew. Yes I did! i was that exact same kid! Laying on the couch with my nose in Nancy’s stories. She was the best. I just inserted her into one of my slices the other day!!!


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