Capturing Moments

Wood Stork, Roseate Spoonbills and unknown bird taken in Key Largo 12/15

I finally noticed it…. well actually my daughter pointed it out to me… “Mom,” she observed, “Every time you go anywhere, a majority of your pictures are of birds.  Are you a bird nerd?”

“Really?”  Surely not…. but as I looked through my pictures, I realized.. she was right.

So, I invested in a good camera and pair of binoculars and embraced my nerdiness.  When I took this picture it was Christmas break in Florida.  The sun was setting and it was my last chance to spy the elusive and rare roseate spoonbill.  We were leaving the next day.  I convinced Steve to go back to that spot where others had seen them in the past…. just one more time.

We went… we waited… we were getting bitten up by mosquitoes and my camera battery was almost dead…. but… we waited.. just one more minute… and…. alas..

We were rewarded with not only one, or two… but at least 8 spoonbills that flew so gracefully, like large white and pink spy planes,  into this cove that was shallow and devoid of alligators.  We both froze entranced in that moment, trying to blend into the wooded area so as not to intrude on their dinner.  There was an endangered wood stork and also a surprise bird that I had no idea was even in the picture until I looked at it later.

Some may think it’s weird, but it made my heart sing and  even the bug bites that showed up the next day couldn’t dampen that joy.




6 thoughts on “Capturing Moments

  1. Florida is such a great place to see all sorts of interesting birds. It is not weird. I grew up watching and listening to birds. You have a great little slice, here. I love the paragraph about returning and waiting and finally being rewarded. The photo is lovely too. Never saw one before. Thanks!

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  2. I just love seeing and maybe capturing a photo of birds. What a cool experience! Usually I have no idea what the bird is, but that doesn’t my enthusiasm.


  3. My pay-the-bills job while I was student teaching was at a wild bird store. We didn’t sell wild birds, of course, but different seeds and feeders and houses (and plenty of other cutesy gardening decor). We got a 25 cent raise for every 50 birds we memorized. It was a great introduction to our local birds, and I’ve been a proud bird nerd every since!


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