Support: Nothing Fancy

Slice of LifeIt never seems like enough, when you’re trying to help.  I wonder what to say or how to ease someone’s anguish and hurt.  What food should I bring over?  Should I send a card?  Clean their house or offer to watch their children?

And yes, all of that is admirable and helpful, but….

I learned something when I moved from  my school district and home.  I learned how very simple acts can sometimes make the biggest impact.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

I had lived in this town and raised my children there for 26 years.  This past year, I moved to a new town and started in a new district.  Although I’m a veteran teacher with NBCT under my belt, I felt alone and had lost a lot of my confidence.   Frankly, it’s been exhausting.   It’s made me realize just how much the simple support of friends and colleagues I had taken for granted.   I really missed just knowing  people that “got” me, were quietly supporting me each day.

Charlene and I became very close. We had 26 years of sharing each other’s ups and downs. She always knew that if I called her and said, “Hey, can you meet me at Dairy Queen?” that something was wrong.  She knew that I needed to talk. That was our code.  She always, always would drop everything saying very simply, “Sure, I could use some Dairy Queen,” and then, ” I’ll meet you there in 10 min.”

We’d meet there and by the time I got there, she had beat me, already sitting in the sunniest booth.  We’d get our blizzards and then…….. she would listen.

She still listens to me on the phone and it still makes me feel so much better.  Although, I don’t take it for granted anymore.  Now I just tell her I need a Dairy Queen talk… and sometimes she needs them too and I do the listening.  Support in it’s simplest form.

Although…… I do miss our meet-ups at Dairy Queen.



8 thoughts on “Support: Nothing Fancy

  1. Your DQ moments are so special and I’m glad you shared them here, or just the idea of how much we take the comforts for granted until a change shakes us awake. You’re not alone in feeling lost in confidence in moving out of your old school, and those who truly get you. I did the same thing last fall, only I moved to a shiny new school up the street. I ache for my old comrades- but I know there’s a reason why we both took such a risk and flew the nest. Hope we will see it sooner than later 😉


  2. What a difference support makes. Any you are right it doesn’t have to be a big thing. Just knowing someone is there. While the SOLC is not Dairy Queen, I hope you find some support in March right here. See you tomorrow!

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  3. I’m proud of you struggling through change. The older we get, the harder it is to make changes. At least that’s been my story. A loving friend like yours are few and far between and I am so thankful that you two lean on each other. Life’s pain is bearable when filtered through another (along with a blizzard). It is my hope that you find another spirit to root alongside you in your new destination.

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  4. I enjoyed reading your post. I could relate to your feeling of wanting to do or say the right thing to help when all that’s sometimes needed is listener close in spirit.

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  5. Long-time friends are priceless! Especially when they come with a blizzard. What a blessing to have a friend like that!


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