Trending Platinum

I was gray before gray was cool.  Now  young people call it platinum.  So I’m chic, cool and have the most trendy hair color out there today.

Buttttttt, unfortunately, I still get asked if I want the senior discount when getting a burger at Wendy’s or used books at Goodwill.  Worse than that, is just getting the discount without even being asked!

I used to refuse the senior discount.  I used to dye my gray hair blonde.  I used to want to hide my age, wisdom and my truth.

I think it’s crazy that these young vibrant girls are dying their hair “platinum”, but maybe it was just as crazy for me to want to be blonde and hide my gray.

Slice of Life                                                         Thanks to TwoWritingTeachers


5 thoughts on “Trending Platinum

  1. I was
    before it was

    before it was

    before it was

    and oh,
    the stories we could tell —
    of tiptoeing
    on the timeline,
    laughing at youth

    wondering if I was ever
    before I was

    knowing, always, I am
    a distinct echo
    in the universe

    –Kevin, lifting a line from your post for a poem.

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