My Youngest Daughter

Slice of Life We had just gotten a new puppy and his name was Juggernaut because although he was small then, his paws told us he was going to grow up to be a huge machine.  She was just little, my youngest of four girls, I would guess not even three years old yet.  I know she wasn’t in school yet.  When I witnessed what happened that day, I remember thinking, look out world! This girl has spunk and no one will be able to keep her down for long.

Here’s how I remember it Andrea.

Although Juggernaut would play roughly and knock you down to the ground, you never ran away from him, but instead, you would stand back up and giggle and go for more.  He played with you like you were one of his puppy pals, wrestling, nipping and pawing.

On this particular Saturday, I was walking into the living room of our cute corner house in Casper to see that darn dog had knocked you over again and was nipping at your flailing arms with those razor sharp puppy teeth.  I dropped the dish towel that was in my arm to run towards you, but before I had time to rescue you, I stopped dead in my tracks astounded.  Instead of seeing the crying, upset and distraught girl running away from Juggernaut, I witnessed my youngest baby do this.  You got up to your feet, walked right over to that dog and took your two chubby, grubby hands around his muzzle and very firmly bit him back right on his snout!

Needless to say, that dog had a healthy respect for you after that and I knew20160208_180942 in my heart that you would always be okay.  That you may have your struggles, but you would fight them head on.  I love you Andrea Lynn.



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