Nourish, it’s my one little word for the year and it’s already challenging me to be, do and feel better.  It seems my first instinct to be on the defensive or insulted has tempered.  I find myself wondering is this a moment when I can nourish others or be nourished myself.

Good food, books and friends seem to nourish me.  I’ve discovered that nature and the outdoors are very soothing to my soul and psyche.  I’ve never been a detail person, I seem to always go immediately to the big picture.  I need to know, where’s this going? How will this help _______?  Right now, the blank is nourish.  How will this nourish my own children, writers that I teach, friends, colleagues and me.

Calm, quiet and being in nature nourish me…. what about you?

6 thoughts on “Nourish

  1. I like your one little word, nourish. Isn’t it funny how one little word can say so much? My one little word for this year is listen. I want to listen to understand and not reply. It’s hard to do and I catch myself thinking about a response instead of really listening to the other person.

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